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                        Phone: + 202 3 77 66 8 99
                        Mobile: +20 010 171 000 70
                        Mobile: +20 111 9 52 52 82
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                        Skype: Toptradeway

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                      Site Map

                      Green Marble Aggregate

                      Characteristics and Generic Applications

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                      We offer a wide range of crushed marble products in distinct colors and granulometries. These ranges are ideal for use in gardening, landscape, park, driveway, home decorations, decoration or paving material and terrazzo, Driveways, pounds, water features, rockeries, in addition to prefabricated products and wall cladding, etc. The distinctive quality of these aggregates facilitates:
                      •  Covering of wide areas of garden/landscaped areas with reduced maintenance costs, watering is not required, moisture is conserved and weeds do not appear, it is long-lasting.
                      •  Improved appearance of gardens and landscaped areas.
                      •  Environmentally friendly.
                      •  Combination with different colors, creating surprising effects.
                      •  Use in both indoor and outdoor decoration.


                      Crushed marble aggregate stone:
                      1. Color gravel professional manufacturer.
                      2. As customers require size
                      3. Top quality

                      Color Gravel / Dimension

                      Crushed marble aggregate stone (Green crushed marble) with the following Size:
                      1. 0-2.5 MM RamsesSand- Fine Aggregate -Dust.
                      2. 2.5-5 MM Nefertiti.
                      3. 5-12 MM Tutankhamun.
                      4. 12-17MM Cleopatra.
                      5. 17-20MM Sphinx.

                      Additional to the above Sizes we have full capacity to execute with any size required by our customers.


                      •  Color Gravel Grade: Excellent grade.
                      •  Finished: crushed.
                      •  Packing 1: 1MT Bulk Woven Bag.
                      •  Packing 2:  Packed in 20/25KG plastic bag.
                      •  Supply of material ability: 10,000 MT per Month.
                      •  Minimum order: One 20 foot container.
                      •  Export Markets: Europe, United States, Middle East, South Africa and others.

                      TopTradeWay (TTW) is one professional manufacturer specializing in the Middle East in gravel and crushed stone.


                      Based on our local abundance stone quarries, we can supply large quantity of gravel at very competitive prices.

                       Best Quality

                      We have been striving hard to provide our customers with best quality, reasonable prices and outstanding services at all times. We also manufacture and export as per your specification and requirement.


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                      About Top Trad Way

                      “TopTradeWay (TTW)” is a highly successful entrepreneurial Group Company in the mining and quarry Industry, supplies various Raw Materials such as Aggregates, Silica quartz, silica sand, feldspar and many others.

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