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                        Phone: + 202 3 77 66 8 99
                        Mobile: +20 010 171 000 70
                        Mobile: +20 111 9 52 52 82
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                        Skype: Toptradeway

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                      Site Map

                      Process Production


                      In order to guarantee the quality of our products, TTW has prioritized the control of all the stages of the production process, from the extraction of the raw materials to distribution. This commitment has led us to establish methods, which optimize manufacturing processes while fulfilling the highest levels of quality standards.


                      MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

                      TopTradeWay(TTW) develops its production process, according to Integrated Management System Sustainable Mining, Quality, Environment and Safety and Workers' Health, which set requirements, controls and indicators that define the quality standards of the company as part of a continuous process of improvement and constant commitment to quality, environment and society.


                      The basic raw material which we use is marble, which we extract from our quarries. This pure, high quality marble has excellent physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics, making this aggregate ideal for our products.


                      The extraction of marble aggregates takes place in our quarries on the in the southern provinces of Egypt. The location of this aggregate guarantees its lack of impurities and its dryness – a highly important characteristic. A specialized working team has been developed in this type of extraction process; they are equipped with the latest Drilling, perforation, load and transportation equipment, in accordance with today’s requirements and in order to work at the highest safety levels.


                      The marble is crushed at our plant in southern provinces of Egypt which is very close to our quarries, this gave a very price competitive price advantage, also where hourly quality control procedures are undertaken to check the specified granulometric curve, the color level and the moisture level of the aggregate.

                      Filtering, CLASSIFICATION , PACKAGING and LOGISTICS twice (one from quarry to plant and one from plant to port)

                      After the primary crushing process, the aggregates are classified as different levels of marble powder:
                      •     Ramses Sand, a product with a granulometry of between 0-2.5mm.
                      •     Nefertiti, a product with a granulometry of between 2.5-5mm.
                      •     Tutankhamun, a product with a granulometry of between 5-12mm.
                      •     Cleopatra, a product with a granulometry of between 12-17mm.
                      •     Sphinx, a product with a granulometry of between 17-20mm.

                      MIXING AND PACKAGING

                      The marble aggregate is mechanically packaging installations where the components are applied in doses. Marble aggregate, are bagged, palletized and packaged.


                      The products, crushed marble products, bagged or bulk are stored and/or stacked to guarantee their preservation in optimum atmospheric and climatological conditions which avoid product decay, ensuring that they reach our clients in perfect conditions.

                      FINAL PRODUCTS

                      This process and our quality controls ensure that our products fulfill all the requirements of the technical requirements established in regulations on dry goods, criteria for controlling the production of Crushed marble aggregate stone , etc.).


                      We have a fleet of Lorries to supply our products in bulk or bagged, in additions to Lorries with cranes to supply material directly on-site and offer a complete service to our clients.

                      TopTradeWay(TTW) group



                      Our Products

                      Укладка ламината на пол. Быстрая укладка ламината своими руками видео. Укладка ламината по диагонали. Пробковое покрытие для пола. Качественная укладка пробкового пола. Пробковый пол плюсы и минусы. Смеси для выравнивания пола. Быстрое выравнивание бетонного пола. Выравнивание пола стоимость. Самоделки для дома. Лучшие самоделки для дома своими руками. Полезные самоделки для дома. Как обустроить кухню. Как обустроить маленькую кухню быстро. Как обустроить кухню фото. Как открыть свой магазин. Хочу открыть магазин с большим капиталом. Сколько стоит открыть магазин. Диван своими руками. Как сделать диван своими руками для дома. Диван своими руками чертежи. Дизайн маленькой кухни. Красивый дизайн интерьера кухни фото. Малогабаритные кухни дизайн.
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                      About Top Trad Way

                      “TopTradeWay (TTW)” is a highly successful entrepreneurial Group Company in the mining and quarry Industry, supplies various Raw Materials such as Aggregates, Silica quartz, silica sand, feldspar and many others.

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