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                      • Contact us

                        Phone: + 202 3 77 66 8 99
                        Mobile: +20 010 171 000 70
                        Mobile: +20 111 9 52 52 82
                        Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                        Skype: Toptradeway

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                        We are pleasured to service you/company all the time. We sincerely want to make long term relationship in the future.
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                      Site Map

                      Consultation Services

                      Full Geological investigation Programs:

                      •  Field Prospecting.
                      •  Geological Mapping.
                      •  Structural Geology.
                      •  Age Determination (Micropaleontology).
                      •  Research Work.
                      •  Preliminary, overall and detailed raw material investigations.

                      Complete Geological investigation

                      •  Drilling (Core & Rotary).
                      •  Standard Penetration Test (SPT).
                      •  Geophysical Measurements (Seismic & Electric).
                      •  Pressuremeters Tests.
                      •  Laboratory Tests (For Soils & Rocks).
                      •  Evaluation and Reporting.



                      Mining Planning

                      •  Quarry Designs.
                      •  Department Layout.
                      •  Quarry Opening.
                      •  Quarry Development.
                      •  Sizing and Choice of Equipment.
                      •  Explosive Stores.
                      •  Quarry Facilities

                      Quarries Total Management


                      Raw Materials Quality Control

                      •  Periodical Sampling and Analysis.
                      •  Raw Mix Designs.
                      •  Modification of Operations to achieve Mix Targets.
                      •  Installation of Site Laboratories for Controlling of Quality.

                      Cost Optimization

                      •  Run Factor Studies.
                      •  Coordination for Time Saving.
                      •  Efficiency Ranking and Rising
                      •  Full Capacity utilization.
                      •  Cost Saving in Power, Fuel, Spare Parts and Manpower.

                      Operation Scheduling

                      •  Bench Operation Scheduling.
                      •  Loading and Transport Scheduling.
                      •  Shift Organization.
                      •  Cycle Time and Optimization.
                      •  Internal Traffic Planning.
                      •  Drilling Operation.
                      •  Blasting Operation..
                      •  Loading and Transport Operation.
                      •  Crushing and Conveying Operation.
                      •  Quarry Service Operation.

                      Equipment Maintenance

                      •  Mobile and Stationary Equipments.
                      •  Preventive Maintenance Programs.
                      •  Inspection Reports..
                      •  Quality Repair Operation.
                      •  Equipment Overhaul Programs.
                      •  Preparation, Procurement and Manufacture of parts, material, manpower and time schedule.
                      •  Overhaul Works and Time Control..
                      •  Performing Testing.

                      Mining Feasibility study and joint venture

                      •  Complete feasibility studies for mining prospect project.
                      •  Formalize and finalize mining joint venture projects.
                      •  Expertise throughout the value chain, from obtaining licenses to extraction..
                      •  Experience with and knowledge of local markets.
                      •  Cost reduction programs.
                      •  A capacity to anticipate changes in the supply of resources.
                      •  Proven quarry rehabilitation practices that respects the environment and biodiversity..
                      •  A global presence, which enables the systematic sharing of best practices in strategy, sales, marketing, manufacturing and site management.

                      TopTradeWay(TTW) group



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                      About Top Trad Way

                      “TopTradeWay (TTW)” is a highly successful entrepreneurial Group Company in the mining and quarry Industry, supplies various Raw Materials such as Aggregates, Silica quartz, silica sand, feldspar and many others.

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